Want to be a Summer Meals site?

Do you have a location or program that serves City of Rochester youth during the summer?

Thanks to partnerships with Foodlink and the City of Rochester, the Summer Meals Program offers free meals to the youth your organization serves, delivered right to your door this summer.

Why offer free summer meals at your site?

  1. You improve our community by ensuring kids in the City of Rochester have access to healthy food when school is out.
  2. You improve your program offering by providing free meals to your participants.
  3.  You can free up financial resources to improve your program or site in other ways.
  4. It’s not just lunch – you can offer up to two meals a day, even across multiple programs.
  5. It’s easy!

To get started, here’s a quick look at the basic eligibility requirements:

  • A minimum of 15-25 children served per day (depending on sponsor)
  • Safe and sanitary conditions (Including proper temperatures, presence of running water, and other regulations outlined by sponsor).
  • All site staff properly trained at one training session and an adequate number of trained staff present during mealtime.
  • Other requirements outlined in each sponsors site agreement.

Ready to sign up? Any additional questions?

Contact one of our sponsors below. They can help guide you through the quick and easy application process and answer any questions you may have.

City of Rochester
Jacob Scott
Summer Meals Coordinator
P: 585.428.7872
E: Jacob.Scott@cityofrochester.gov

General Summer Meals questions:
Aaron Lattanzio
Summer Meals Coordinator
Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency
P: (888) 324-1571
E: Summermealsroc@gmail.com

Claire Savini
Nutrition Programs Coordinator
P: 585.254.4423
E: csavini@foodlinkny.org